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ACE Team Board _ Rock of Ages II: Bigger & Boulder _ Multiplayer doesnt work

Posted by: SkylighTV Nov 24 2017, 03:51 PM

If I join the lobby and we are going to the selection im getting a earrape and i get kicked out of lobby. Idk why this is because my Story mod works fine. Just if i get in multiplayer with a person i get these problems. Pls help !

Posted by: Dmitriy Gorbachev Nov 25 2017, 06:01 AM

Is this always happens? Even in a match created by you? Hosts can kick other players in the lobby, maybe that's what is happening. What does the message say, when you get kicked out? And what exactly do you mean by "earrape", are you getting some kind of sound issue?

Posted by: Andres Bordeu Nov 27 2017, 10:43 AM

Are you sure you're all on the latest version (1.06.1)? Check for the version number in the main menu at the bottom-left corner. I'm assuming this is for the PC version.

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