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ACE Team Board _ Questions For The Team _ Can the devs give me some advice?

Posted by: CharlieBaxter Mar 14 2017, 03:08 PM

Dear Devs,

I was directed towards this forum by your community manager [ACE] Dimaleth on steam who has been very kind in suggesting I aim my question towards you;

When you are not busy if you could answer a question for me I would greatly appreciate it. I am a university student in my final year at a computing course and have begun making preparations to look for a job in an area of the industry. I value your oppinion, considering you have firsthand experience of working in the games development aspect of the industry and was wondering;
Aside from the necessary knowledge of software, what do you consider valuable or of benefit in people that work in your area of business or alongside you?

Thank you for your time and I'm looking forward to your next game's release.

Posted by: Carlos Bordeu Mar 20 2017, 09:30 AM

It really depends on the area of specialty that you are aiming for. Are you a programmer, artist, game designer, level designer, animator? I'm assuming programmer, but it might not be the case. The answer to your question can greatly differ based on the area of expertise you are learning.

For any specific area though, I think people will care about your experience. Now, you might be wondering what experience you can have if you're just finishing your studies... but the reality is that in these days there are so many people trying to make games or get into the industry, that there are tons of people who have been making personal projects, demos, prototypes, etc. The best way to impress people will be to show you are passionate about this industry - so much that you are able to show: "Hey, look at this cool prototype / demo / reel / etc" that I've been working on.

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