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> Question thread, yay, next one
post Jul 22 2014, 08:17 PM
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1. In one thread Carlos said that East Golem was killed after events of ZN1, but in other, that he was killed a long ago. (mummified in proces) Reference for first one: East Golem is visible in the ending of ZN1. Reference for the second one: During final fight in ZN2 Golems mention that they lost communication with outer world a long time ago and Carlos said that North Golem gain his legitimacy to kill East Golem a long time ago too. So what "final" version is true?

2 a) If the second version is true... I mean, it can be even true? That two-headed monkey, what we have as follower is still alive and have ability to open the doors? After hundreds of years I doubt any two-headed chimera would be able to open east golem doors? Or I'm just wrong?

2. Abilites. North Golem could link everybody to him by touch, West and South Golem using those bright bonds. And Carlos or other dev said in other thread that East Golem also had weak linking ability. 'Main' ability of South Golem = makes things fly. So there is anything about "main" abilites of other Golems in design documents? Also, South Golem at the end of ZN2 don't care much about Oath and do whatever he want (attacks the other golem). So West Golem was weaker than North Golem yep? Otherwise he could just defend himself. Or he was just too bored and accepted North Golem as the guy from uphold of the law? And Carlos said, that East Golem and South Golem somewhat liked each others, than other Golems. So why South Golem didn't helped the East one, considering he could just... fly there?

3. Why East Golem have 2 thrones, one at Pink Tower and one before bridge? But that's minor one (question). The more important one, what the hell that human like Zeno is doing there? Enemy before entering the bridge. Considering it was almost impossible to get past mountains, she somewhat got there. Only mountain tribes (unlawful people as said by golem before entering) and chimeras of East Golem live there. Or... it was just game simplification and more poeple/zenos/tribals lives there?

4. What's up with all those tests of South Golem? He was just doing it of boredom? Or it was his weird, maniacal and sadistic way to civilize the Zenos? But some dev already said that every golem did something against "oath". North tried to civilize, east created new chimeras, south doing his tests... but why? Just for sake of it? Because of his tests the end of ZN2 is pretty... gray? Everything stay at it was, especially because everyone failed South Golem tests so there was no drama at all.

5. Restorers. Why they are just sitting in the cave? Because they got locked and no one (other restorer) gathered all cubes to open it. Ok. But... why they're hostile? They went insanse because of passing time? And companion Word, he is not saying anything AT ALL. It was quite disappointing.

And thanks for great game with deep universe. Everything seems balanced at the end of a day. A lot of answers, but a lot of unclear stuff too (well, that's how I got there).

Edit: Ha! And you're guys from Rock of Ages! I knew that faces of rocks were similiar to something! biggrin.gif
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post Jul 23 2014, 08:47 AM
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I'm not Carlos, but I have beaten Zeno Clash 2 about 6 times so I think I can answer some of these questions.

1.) I don't know, but I think the "canon" answer is that North Golem killed the East Golem long ago as retribution for his Wizard of Oz experiments.

1b.) He's a two headed monkey, he can do what he wants.

2.) I believe that being so long ago, Xotl-teh was still more entrenched in his job- since all of the Golems were essentially "programmed" to uphold the law, it would have been unthinkable for either the East Golem or South Golem to defy Kax-teh when he had the Law on his side.

3.) The throne before the Pink Tower I think would be the East Golem's sort of "Audience Chamber," where he might receive guests or meet with his subjects (he does seem to have had a much more involved hand than the other golems, as evidenced by his genetic experiments). Morena is just a Zeno who happens to live East of the door (there are more than just the monkeys and ox-men out there, the mountains are pretty huge after all). She is using the throne as her base of operations to modify the two-headed monkeys, as seen by all the claws and tools surrounding her.

4.) Yes, actually, he was just doing it from boredom pretty much. As he says, Samoro-teh DIED of boredom, so he is probably trying to avoid the same fate. One of the themes of ZC2 is actually the burden of time and responsibility.

5.) None of the Lexicon talk, it's part of their character. Word speaks through all of the tablets throughout Zenozoik (he is the one who wrote most of the tablets you find outside), and the Lexicon through those inside. I believe they attack you just to protect their words essentially? Seems a little silly but they've been cooped up in there a long time. If you have Word in your party you could rationalize it by them wanting to punish him for his "crimes."

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Carlos Bordeu
post Jul 26 2014, 01:23 AM
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Thanks for doing my work Eilos. Haven't had much time to lurk the ZC forums with all the Abyss stuff that is going on.
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