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Design: Making the Logos

Posted by Edmundo Bordeu, Mar 11 2009, 10:01 AM in Development

I thought this brief description about how we got to the name of the game and then how I made the game and company logos could be interesting to tell (I did study design, so at least this kind of thing does interest me), so here it goes....


Developer Video: Gameplay Mechanics

Posted by Andres Bordeu, Mar 5 2009, 08:50 AM in Development

We just released our first developer video that features a closer look at the combat mechanics & shows some examples of how a skilled player can combine the different moves to deal more damage! Watch the video to learn all about it:

Remember you can view the video in high quality with optional close captions.

Zeno Clash’s Survival Mode

Posted by Andres Bordeu, Feb 25 2009, 12:15 PM in Features

ACE Team is including a new game mode that will be featured when Zeno Clash is released; a Survival Mode with a friends ranking system.

We took into consideration the feedback we were getting from the community and we really considered it was important to offer a game component that focused solely on the fun of the combat system and also had a competitive component.

Jump to the link to check out screens and the specifics behind this new engaging game mode.


Zeno Clash wins 'Best Upcoming Indie' at ModDB

Posted by Andres Bordeu, Feb 23 2009, 05:09 PM in Awards

We're thrilled with the news that Zeno Clash has been awarded 'Editor's Choice: Best Upcoming Indie' at ModDB's 2008 awards. We're honored with the pick. A big congrats to the teams behind the other great games that were also nominated in this category. All the titles are fine examples of quality independent games.

To learn all about the award, the nominees and the ModDB 2008 awards follow the link:

Editor's Choice: Best Upcoming Indie

A huge thanks from ACE Team to the ModDB editors and all our supporters!

The Environments of Zeno Clash

Posted by Edmundo Bordeu, Feb 19 2009, 06:16 PM in Development

In Zeno Clash, players will travel through a variety of exotic locations. The world of Zenozoik is an unfriendly place, filled with odd formations, bizarre wildlife and crooked architecture. It’s beautiful and disturbing at the same time.

At ACE Team we wanted to avoid repetitiveness. Before starting to build the levels we selected distinct color palettes and themes that differed to make sure the player was constantly visiting new locations to marvel at. Many games display beautiful environments, but the novelty of the art eventually wears off if you’re constantly running through the same settings. We wanted to make sure this was not the case in Zeno Clash.

Ghat’s journey will take him through several locations, each one with it’s own dangers to overcome. Jump to the link to check out screens and info about the development process.


Zeno Clash Previews

Posted by David C, Feb 17 2009, 09:48 AM in Previews

Here is a compilation of previews from websites that have had hands-on of our Zeno Clash press demo. The demo featured 3 specific levels that displayed the melee combat system, fighting against heavy characters and a boss battle using the musket. Jump to the link to see non-english previews too.

  • IGN: Lengthy preview with 4 new gameplay videos.
  • Eurogamer: A great look into the art and style of Zeno Clash.
  • Destructoid: Descriptive article about the combat system.
  • Rock Paper Shotgun: Brief preview but with an interview to our art director Edmundo Bordeu.
  • That Videogame Blog: Console gamer writes his impressions of playing our unique PC game.
  • Crispy Gamer: Another preview & interview with Andres & Edmundo Bordeu.
  • GameZone: References to the 80's cartoon 'Rock and Rule' & Picasso.
  • Big Download: Lengthy hands-on impressions of Zeno Clash.
  • Gamers Daily News: 2 page preview with possitive feedback on the audio.


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