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Holidays giveaway! Win a Rock of Ages 2 notepad!

Holidays giveaway! Win a Rock of Ages 2 notepad!
Hi guys,

To celebrate the end of the year we wanted to run a small contest where winners will be participating for a cool Rock of Ages 2 themed notepad. Ideal to take your 2017 notes and have all your friends green with envy. All notepads will also include a little surprise inside!

To participate all you have to do is be a member of the Rock of Ages 2 hub. In addition, if you wishlist the game on Steam your chances of winning are twice as good!!

To join the hub press "Follow" on the

We're also running this contest on some of our other social media sites. Join our and pages and share our posts about this giveaway if you want to increase your odds:

We'll be drawing 5 notepads in this Steam group. Winners will be announced on Friday the 30th. Good luck to everyone!

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