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RoA2 Classic Pack - Humble Bundle E3 Digital Ticket

RoA2 Classic Pack - Humble Bundle E3 Digital Ticket
Hey guys. The people from Humble Bundle are running a super cool E3 promotion for this year's show, which features a variety of excellent content from many titles. One of the perks you can get in this collection is the 'Rock of Ages 2 - Classic Pack' DLC which will become available when the game launches. Earnings from this promotion go to ESA and charities.

Please read below for the DLC content details.

Here's the link to the promotion:

The Classic Pack includes the following content:
-Smiley Boulder - This is a variation of the default boulder (same stats).
-Sisyphus avatar - If you thought Sisyphus was the hero of the new adventure, think again!.
-Three extra army banners to decorate your team.

Please feel free to drop any questions below.

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