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Full Version: Difficulty
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Sup guys, just finished the game and I got a teeny weeny bit of critique for ya!

I really loved the game but I couldn't help but think the incredibly easy difficulty held it back from being as big a hit as it could have been. It hardly ever felt as if I had to actually learn the enemies, which made the combat feel gimmicky. I really loved the art style, the sounds, the complete tone of the game and I just wish it had more to offer in terms of actual gameplay.

It's a sick game don't get me wrong, could have been way sicker though!
Carlos Bordeu
I entirely agree with you that the game is too easy (that's why we added a hard mode - on PC - on a patch later). I think we were too cautious with the difficulty because of how many people complained about how hard our previous game was (Abyss Odyssey). The reality is that balancing a game's difficulty can be hard and if you make something too hard, the effect is much more negative than if you make it too easy (at least in these days). I'm from the old school days (I actually beat Battletoads - one of the hardest games ever), so I understand your point perfectly.

Thanks for the positive feedback! smile.gif
Andres Bordeu
We're not making that mistake with our next title (ROA2). We'll be adding difficulty levels for this one, so everyone can choose something that adequates to their level.
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