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Full Version: Leaderboard incredible time
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So I went back to take a look at my chest-swelling Dijon record in RoG 1 and noticed that a someone by the name of has a ridiculous time on almost every map. Their time is less than 1 second on every map except Sparta and Thermopylae, where they don't even seem to show up, and two other maps where it's under 2 seconds.

I'm really curious about how they managed this. Is it a known glitch?

Crazy record
My humble time
Andres Bordeu
Hmmm. No idea really. We haven't checked those leaderboards in quite a while, so can't say for sure. But you can always use your refined RoA1 skills to tackle the RoA2 time trial leaderboards. That's where the action will be!
I definitely will! Maybe I can be as good as this guy, some day tongue.gif

My guess is that he does something strange like restart the level at the exact moment he's finishing it and that confuses the game, somehow.
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