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Full Version: Unlock all in multiplayer
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Me and my flatmate loved to casually play the first one and I managed to get him to buy this one however after discovering that you have to unlock the weapons and traps he has decided to refund it as he cant be arsed unlocking everything and just wanted a fun quick game we could dive into in multiplayer.

Probably do the same unless you have on the horizon a way of unlocking everything just for some quick fun gaming which was why the first one was so much fun?

It reminds me of why C&C 4 failed as you had to unlock all the buildings and units though the campaign in that too.
Dmitriy Gorbachev
Hi there,

By simply playing online you will gradually unlock everything without having to play the campaign. That way you also get try all units and get a better feel about what works well or not in various situations.
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