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Full Version: Some ideas for multiplayer.
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Raw Meat
First off i want to say that you guys are amazing.The game is incredible and fun in every single way.So thank you for bringing us this amazing game.

So just finished the campaign.I really enjoyed it.Then i tried out multiplayer.I enjoyed it even more.I know you guys are already working on a multiplayer update.But i wanted to talk about it anyways smile.gif

-Campaign boss levels for multiplayer.Like the last level where you get to play pinball with god.That gamemode would be INSANE with friends.It can be 2v2 , 4v4 or even like a mini-tournament.I want to play this gamemode with other people so bad.And then there is the fighting with a sea dragon level..Imagine it being a multiplayer gamemode where both teams have a dragon that needs to be killed.The team who gets to the enemy dragon and kills it first,wins.And then there is the level where you are trying to kill a sphinx.Imagine it being a multiplayer gamemode where , players needs to run away from the sphinx.The last boulder alive,wins.And stuff like these... smile.gif

-Server management and options.Imagine you are hosting your own server where gravity is really low or high.Imagine you can play with your friends in slow motion or fast motion.Imagine playing a infinite gold and structure mode.These options would be amazing for players.It would open a whole new multiplayer experiences for everyone!

-Custom gamemodes.Like a sumo-mode where a bunch of boulders [players] are trying to push each other off the hill they are staying on.Dead players can spectate,or they can throw bombs at the arena to eliminate other boulders.The last boulder on the hill wins.Or a Football mode where boulders [players] are trying to score goals.Imagine a small ball on the middle.And players must score goals with that little ball.Giant boulders chasing a small boulder biggrin.gif

These are just some ideas.But i think this game is a fantastic party game.And it can improve even more on that matter smile.gif

I really would like to hear your thoughts on this topic.Have a nice day biggrin.gif
Andres Bordeu
Hi there! You have some really neat ideas. Though I can't confirm that anything like this is in our current roadmap, I can assure that new game modes are being considered for upcoming updates. We have a lot of cool features in the drawing board. In any case, we'll want to balance fixes with new features as we move forward (we want to be sure to tackle technical issues to ensure everyone is having a smooth experience).
Nice ideas smile.gif I'd definitely welcome more multiplayer game modes, but I think basic multiplayer features like text chat and setting the number of players should be given priority.

A return of Skee Boulder would be really cool! I guess it would be pretty hard to jump hit the holes with the nerfed jump.
Andres Bordeu
Skee-boulder is in our update road map. It will be back. Stay tuned.
Great to hear!
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