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Full Version: RoA1 Roster DLC?
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Hello! First of all I'd like to applaud ACE Team for making Rock of Ages 2 a reality, being the sequel of one of my favorite games of all time, albeit with some changes which I'm not very fond of (I'll write them down in a separate thread)
One thing that I find somewhat questionable about the game's online portion is how, let's say, lacking, its content is. Not the game modes, but the character customization and the tracks might lead into some players feeling tired of playing the same game online. After looking at the Classic Pack DLC which is a neat piece of content to those who prefer playing as Sisyphus, I thought to myself: wouldn't be really cool if ACE Team would also bring characters from the first Rock of Ages onto the sequel's online portion? I think an expansion pack which lets you play as Napoleon, Vlad the Impaler, The Plague and then some, not to mention making their respective stages playable, would help make the game's online portion last much longer. My only concern about porting the maps onto RoA2 will be finding stage exploits but since gameplay is identical to the first game for the most part, I don't think it will be a tough job for ACE, not to mention that, from what I've heard, porting maps from Unreal 3 to 4 is a breeze.

What do you all think about this idea?
Andres Bordeu
Hi there. Thanks for the feedback. Porting from UE3 to UE4 is theoretically "easy", but in reality porting RoA1 levels to RoA2 would be a nightmare. It would probably take slightly less time than actually building the levels all over again.

The thing with RoA2 as that we re-designed everything from scratch from a technical point of view. Even if both games look "similar", the systems that support them are very different. So bringing all the content from RoA1 would require hundreds of man hours and a lot of time.

I also kind of disagree with your perception that the amount of content is 'lacking' in this game. The game is super cheap for what it offers, and compared to the first one you basically get the same amount of content (it varies a bit, more boulders, slightly less levels, more units, etc.).

We can continue adding more content in the future, but as it is, we think the title offers a pretty solid amount of content for what it's worth. We're not done with the updates, but naturally the team has moved on to other titles so upcoming updates will be spaced a bit further away.
Maps seem like they take a lot of work to design and create, but the character DLCs sound like a good investment. You guys can probably reuse some of the work from RoA1, though you'd still need to animate the characters. I'd probably pay 3 or 4 to get the characters from the first game biggrin.gif
Yeah, I only mentioned the maps as a last-hour addition because a DLC pack containing just characters would be a bit of a steal. I hope that a pack containing fan favorites isn't ruled out, though.
A mapping contest would be a cool way to keep the online alive. Just suggesting.
Andres Bordeu
I'd personally love a map editor for this title. Actually, we did start to develop a editor a one point, but the scope of the project simply exceeded our ambitions, and we had to cut out this feature (it was fairly functional, but required a lot of usability improvements and optimizations). Still, it is something we'll definitely keep in mind for the future of the IP.

Anyhow, more updates are still coming, so stay tuned.

This is good discussion.
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